Plainfield Mom Resumes Running Goals after Hip Injury

Shireen Hussain of Plainfeild, IL, has been running since she was a child. As a teenager, she ran cross-country in high school and recently was training for a half marathon. She was hoping to eventually try a full marathon when a hip injury knocked her off track.

After all those years with no injuries, Hussain began feeling hip discomfort in 2012. While running and performing tea kwon do, she was aching and suddenly couldn’t kick as high. After stretching, it hurt even more.

Hussain was terrified that she wouldn’t be able to participate in the sport that she’d come to love and depend on. After undergoing physical therapy for five months with no pain relief, her physical therapist recommended that she see Dr. Shane Nho, a hip arthroscopy specialist at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush.

Dr. Nho diagnosed her with an anterior/superior labral tear: a condition that physical therapy alone wouldn’t fix. He recommended hip arthroscopy, a minimally invasive hip surgery.

Unlike traditional hip surgery, hip arthroscopy allows the physician to perform surgery through small holes instead of a large incision. He inserts a tiny camera into the portals which allows him to observe the surgery real-time on a large monitor. This procedure results in less pain and shorter recovery time than traditional labral tear repair surgery.

Post-surgery, Dr. Nho prescribed physical therapy and was readily available to talk with her by phone or email. Hussain explains, “Dr. Nho is God-sent and is someone who never walks away from his patients.”

Today, Hussain is happily back running, while carefully following Dr. Nho’s recommended plan. She has been running 5ks and plans to do a 10k sometime this year… something that she says would not be possible without Dr. Nho.

To discuss your hip pain with Dr. Shane Nho or to find out more about hip arthroscopy, visit or schedule an appointment with Dr. Nho by calling 866.MD. BONES.