Arthroscopic Hip Surgery Gets Grandmother Back in Step With Grandkids

At 65, Marilyn Krueger owes much of her active lifestyle to keeping up with children. A Naperville resident and retired 2nd and 3rd grade teacher for many years, the children she enjoys being with now are her grandchildren.

For most of her life, Krueger experienced excellent health… something she admits that she took for granted. That’s why she was surprised when she recently began experiencing severe hip pain. It became so intense that it began to limit her activities, including running after her grandchildren and climbing stairs.

“I would go to sleep with an ice pack and sometimes wake-up crying from a deep sleep,” she recalls.

She eventually sought advice from a local orthopedic physician. Dissatisfied with her experience, she sought out two more. None of them were able to provide an adequate diagnosis and treatment recommendation but they suggested physical therapy and gave her three different pain injections. Nothing worked to alleviate her hip pain.

Finally, after a total of seven doctors and a year of pain, a physical therapist wondered if Krueger might have a labral tear and recommended Dr. Shane Nho at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush.

Dr. Nho, a hip arthroscopy specialist at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, examined her, reviewed her MRI and confirmed that she did indeed have a labral tear. They discussed options and agreed that arthroscopic surgery would be her most successful option. She agreed. The procedure was a success and Krueger attributes that to “the help, care, talent, and encouragement of Dr. Nho and his team.”

Now, nine months later, she is back to her normal, busy lifestyle, including playing again with her grandchildren, pain-free.

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